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In this modern age where advanced countries are engaged in designing aircraft with supersonic speed, speed which is faster than that of sound-to bridge the time gap of large distance between the East and West, to prove their superiority in the world, the common man of India remains unaware of this discipline. We possess little or no knowledge of the Aviation Industry. At most, this knowledge is confined to the field of flying i.e. Pilot.


The Aviation Industry has two main branches -The Flying branch and the Engineering branch. Flying is the better known of the two branches. We are all aware of the Pilots who fly the Aircraft. But we are not aware of the maintenance part of the aircraft and how it is done by the men behind the wings i.e. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. As there are flying academics/clubs to train pilots all over the Country which are approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, sirnilarly there are many approved institutes to conduct the course of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

A Pilot has to obtain the licence to fly the Aircraft, similarly an Aircraft Engineer has to obtain a licence to maintain the aircraft to its fitness for flying. As a recognised college teaches the approved syllabus of the University and after completion of the course conducts internal examination, on the basis of which the form of a candidate for final examination is forwarded to the university from the college, similarly these institutes teach the syllabus approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation.

After the completion of the course and passing in the internal examination, candidate's forms for the licence examination are forwarded to the Director General of Civil Aviation which conducts examination and after passing, awards licence to the engineers as well as Pilots. Before an Aircraft flies it has to be checked by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and certified as fit for flying. If such a certificate is not given the Aircraft can not fly.

Safety is given very high priority in the aviation sector. A maintenance engineer therefore has to take the responsibility for the safety of the aircraft. Further, it is clearly indicated in the Aircraft Rules that no person other than Aircraft Maintenance Licence holder can work as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Hence, Graduate Engineers are not eligible for the said post unless they acquire A.M.E Licence.



Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

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