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The campus of IIAS, kolkata is the result of a master plan from stimulating learning environment. Just as curriculum, is based on the blending of learning and doing, so are the institute facilities. In our workshops, you will find precisely the kind of technical equipment on which you will eventually work after becoming A.M.E. These hands-on facilities are particularly appreciated by students, who find them clean, well organised and easy to use, with the vast array of industry relevant equipment

Here the library and tool-store are a valuable resource that provides basic supplies as well as technical materials and tools, making sure each student are adequately equipped for the learning tasks ahead.

At our resource centre, students find technical reference materials, including aircraft specification, manufacturers bulletins and Civil Aviation Requirements. There is a library of video and audio as well.

We provide direct student access to computer-based training aids that supplement lecture and lab experiences. A computer network provides Internet access to assist students in their research efforts. Our career services centre, which includes profiles of prospective employers, is a valuable resource for students making career choices.

Our Commitment


At IIAS, we take seriously the role we play in providing the A.M.E to the leading employers in the Aviation Industry. We are able to honour this commitment by structuring a training programme that recognise equally the needs of our students and the companies who will eventually hire them. Put another way, IIAS forges and essential length between training and job performance. We set our standards as high as those of the industry we serve, in which the best will do. When you visit our campus, you will easily see what we mean, in facilities and equipment, in the dedication of our faculty and staff, and in the extensive support service we provide, perfection in skill in students to work as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Just as nothing is left to chance in the operation of a multi-million-dollar aircraft, nothing is overlooked in preparing the engineers who will ride it on a safety journey.

Accreditation and Approvals

IIAS is run by the D.G. Educational Trust and duly approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Aviation, Govt. of India for the following A.M.E courses:-Mechanical Branch (Airframes & Engines)


IIAS, Kolkata